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smart SILENO

smart SILENO



Everything under control

Using the free GARDENA smart App for iOS and Android, you always have your garden under control, wherever your location. By tapping the screen, you can call up the important information required and adapt all settings for your garden work conveniently and according to requirements.


A perfectly cared-for lawn

The precision blades cut the grass cleanly. And, thanks to the SensorCut System, the GARDENA smart SILENO does not cause lawn stripes. The cutting-height adjustment can be carried out easily and without requiring tools.


For relaxed enjoyment

Put your feet up, and enjoy your garden! Your Robotic Lawnmower will deal with the lawn-cutting side of things. The fine cuttings remain on the lawn as a natural fertiliser. This promotes good growth and saves valuable time in which you can dedicate yourself to other things.


Reliable in operation

The GARDENA smart SILENO features an EasyPassage function. This enables it to easily handle narrow corridors without leaving tracks. The highly impact-resistant plastic housing makes the GARDENA smart SILENO especially robust. Even poor summer weather can’t faze it. Thanks to its reliable functionality, it works independently of weather conditions, even in rain.


Ideal for complex lawn areas

Large and angled garden structures are no problem for the GARDENA smart SILENO. This lawnmower can mow even complex lawn areas up to 1,000 m² in size completely automatically, reliably, stripe-free and evenly.



The alarm function and the PIN code ensure reliable protection against theft.


Secure connection

The smart Gateway produces cable-free network communications between all GARDENA smart system devices and the GARDENA smart App. The stable and secure connection takes place using tried and tested radio technology. Two integrated high-performance antennae ensure a stable and secure connection even over large ranges.



GARDENA smart SILENO. Let it mow and enjoy your free time.

Lawn care can be so easy! The GARDENA smart SILENO keeps the stalks accurately to length and you can enjoy your leisure time. Thanks to the SensorCut System, the Robotic Lawnmower does not cause lawn stripes, but rather leaves a perfectly maintained carpet of lawn. It runs so quietly that it is hardly possible to hear it mowing the lawn before it returns fully automatically to the charging station. The mowing times can be adjusted via smart App and aligned with the irrigation times of the smart Water Control. Therefore the Robotic Lawnmower is only in operation when you require it. The smart SILENO is suitable for lawn areas of up to 1,000 m² and, thanks to its powerful rear-wheel drive, is even able to cope with uneven ground and inclines of up to 35 percent. The smart Gateway ensures central networking. It can be inconspicuously placed in your living area and produces an Internet connection via an existing router. In this way, it acts as the core of the smart system to permit cable-free network communications between all GARDENA smart system devices in the garden and the GARDENA smart App.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 19060-28
EAN-Code: 4078500029711


Weight 8.5 kg


Working area capacity (±20) 1000 m²
Charging system Automatic
Maximum incline inside working area 35 %


Keypad 19 buttons
Information panel LCD display with settings menu
Timer Yes
Handle type Integrated
Wheel threads Medium

Power and charging

Battery type Lithium Ion
Typical charging time 60 min
Typical mow time on one charge 65 min
Mean energy consumption at maximum use 7 kWh

Motor and cutting system

Cutting system 3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting height max 60 mm
Cutting height min 20 mm
Cutting width 22 cm

Sound and noise data

Sound level Guaranteed 60 dB(A)
Sound level Measured 56 dB(A)

Safety and security features

Alarm Yes
PIN code Yes
Installation lock Yes
Time lock Yes
Lift sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes

Installation accessories

Loop wire 200 m
Staples 400 pcs
Extra blades 9 pcs

Overall dimensions

Product size height 25 cm
Product size length 63 cm
Product size width 51 cm
#Weight 8.5 kg

Support & service

Robotic Service

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