Piškotke uporabljamo za izboljšanje vaše izkušnje na našem spletnem mestu. Če nadaljujete z brskanjem po našem spletnem mestu, se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov. Če želite izvedeti več, si preberite
Začni raziskovati

Precise cutting also in treetops

With a long reach
Easy and safe cutting in areas that used to be inaccessible

The right choice whenever a common pruning lopper does not suit the work

GARDENA Branch Pruners offer lighter, longer and easier cutting in dense bushes and trees.

Avoid ladder acrobatics: One of the biggest issues of tree cutting is reach using a ladder. With the GARDENA combisystem Branch Pruners along with the combisystem Telescopic Handles – as well as the GARDENA StarCut – you can work safely and comfortably from the ground. Through the practical, telescopic features, high branches and twigs can be reached effortlessly. The clever gear transmission also saves enormous energy – and with first-class operating comfort and consistent precision cutting.

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