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Varno obžagovanje na visoki višini z nogami trdno na tleh

Z novim teleskopskim višinskim obrezovalnikom ponuja GARDENA izjemno udobno rešitev za varno obrezovanje na višini.

When trees reach for the sky and bushes grow tall, vigorous delimbing is sometimes necessary to cut back rank growth. But it's not always easy from the ground to reach areas of the tree that are further away.

Now GARDENA has added to its range of cable-free, lithium-ion battery-powered tools with the GARDENA Telescopic Accu Pole Pruner TCS Li 18/20 for high delimbing. Fitted with a powerful lithium-ion replacement battery, the tool is packed full of expertise and know-how and lives up to the GARDENA name. That's because the telescopic arm of the extremely lightweight tool reaches into tree areas up to four meters high and effortlessly cuts branches with diameters of up to eight centimetres. Even at great heights, a hook at the tip of the cutter that engages with the branches guarantees a steady hold and keeps the tool in the required cutting position.

The 2 in 1 function is especially smart. In one easy move, the cutting head of the GARDENA Telescopic Accu Pole Pruner TCS Li-18/20 can be adjusted to any angle without tools. That means comfortable work in a standing position is possible not only at a height, but also on the ground, for instance to cut branches up directly after delimbing. Incidentally, the cutter is optimally maintained during all work. Responsible for this is the automatic chain lubrication system which is fed from a small oil tank.