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Innovative, attractive and always reliable

Whether you’re looking to pump water for your garden, for drainage or even for domestic use, GARDENA has the right pump. And a simple, intuitive pump filter to help you find it. No matter what pump you choose, you can be sure of GARDENA quality, innovative features and high performance. What´s more, GARDENA Pumps are comfortable and easy to use, and attractively designed.

Use water for different means conveniently

For easy garden irrigation

If you want to water your garden, there are different ways of receiving water: You can either pump it from a well, cistern or rain water tank - depending on your garden situation. For all these options, we offer different solutions:

Garden Pumps - for allround garden irrigation, featuring safe pump functions and two outlets.

Rain Water Tank Pumps - for easy use of rain water from barrels, featuring automatic on/off function.

Submersible Pressure Pumps - for pumping water from deep wells, where the pump needs to be put into the water, featuring automatic on/off functions.

Electronic Pressure Pumps - for convinient garden irrigation, featuring informative LCD display.

Clear or dirty water

Drainage options

Drain pools, ponds and flooded basements quickly and efficiently with GARDENA high capacity drainage pumps.

Submersible Pumps – for clear or slightly dirty water, come with aquasensor technique and floating switch panel for automatic cut-in and cut-out.

Dirty Water Pumps – special submersible pumps designed to cope with particles up to 25, 30 or even 38 mm in diameter.

Domestic water supply
Why waste drinking water?

Domestic water supply options

With trouble-free, high-performance GARDENA pumps for domestic water supply, you can use alternative sources such as a well or cistern for supplying water to your house (toilet flushing, washing machine) and your garden.

Pressure Tank Units – for stationary use, these reliable pumps feature an Eco-mode and dry-running safety as well as a five-year maintenance free tank.

Electronic Pressure Pumps – for stationary or mobile use.

Automatic Submersible Pressure Pumps – for use in a well or cistern.

Finding the right pump is easy

Now you have an overview of GARDENA’s range of powerful, innovative and reliable pumps.

The next step is to simply choose the pump that matches your needs perfectly.

Product filter

Električne baštenske pumpe

  • Classic 3000/4 (1707)

    Atraktivan početni model - jak i kompaktan

Rezervoari pod pritiskom

Električne potapajuće pumpe

  • Classic 6000 (1777)

    Početna pumpa za isušivanje bez napora

Technical Hoses & Fittings

Pribor Poređenje
Suction Unit 3.5 m Suction Unit 3.5 m (1411)

Spremno za povezivanje

Suction Unit 7 m Suction Unit 7 m (1418)

Spremna za povezivanje

Suction Hose 3.5 m Suction Hose 3.5 m (1412)

Spremna za povezivanje

Električne dubinske pumpe Električne dubinske pumpe (1490)

Odgovara svim električnim bušilicama