Kolačiće koristimo da bismo poboljšali vaše iskustvo na našoj veb-lokaciji. Ako nastavite da pregledate ovu veb-lokaciju, prihvatate naše korišćenje kolačića. Saznajte više tako što ćete pročitati Kolačići
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Aerators and Rakes for a greener and healthier lawn

For a healthy lawn, matted grass and moss should be removed with a scarifier once or twice per year. The GARDENA Lawn Aerator is a compact and powerful scarifier. The galvanised steel blades cut into the lawn, pulling out weeds and moss. The Electric Lawn Rake works in a more gentle way. It can be used throughout the whole season and, if used regularly, helps to avoid the formation of moss.

Efficient and powerful work

Low-wear blades made of specially hardened, galvanised stainless steel penetrate the soil by millimetres – efficiently and sustainably removing matted grass, weeds and moss.

Tackles the toughest conditions with excellent results

Problem-free starting thanks to the powerful PowerPlus Motor that allows powerful work without interruption. It moves nearly by itself and only needs to be steered. Gives you a moss-free lawn with a green touch.


The compact Lawn Aerator is ideal for easy and effortless work, and requires little space for convenient transportation and storage.

Safe pushing

For problem-free pushing over pavement or tiles, there is the transportation position with which the blades are easily and quickly folded upward.

Intensive year-round care for your lawn – gentle and with long-lasting effects

With the GARDENA Electric Lawn Rake and Lawn Aerator you can gently remove moss, thatch and weed on your lawn, prevent regrowth and improve the air, water and nutrient absorption of the lawn. Aerating is an intensive treatment for the lawn and is recommended once in spring and once in autumn. Raking can be done all year round, after every second or third mowing.