Kolačiće koristimo da bismo poboljšali vaše iskustvo na našoj veb-lokaciji. Ako nastavite da pregledate ovu veb-lokaciju, prihvatate naše korišćenje kolačića. Saznajte više tako što ćete pročitati Kolačići
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Perfect edges

The Accu Grass Shears should be used when a neat and precise cutting result is required. Optimal for shorter edges, or narrow corners where the trimmer wouldn't reach. The GARDENA Battery Grass Shears have a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a running time up to 90 minutes.

An ergonomic fit to the hand

Thanks to the soft plastic components and the pivoting handle that is adapted to a natural hand position in all working situations, the grass shears lie perfectly in the hand.

Pleasant work – without bending over

Thanks to the Telescopic Swivel Handle, comfortable and ergonomic work in an upright position is possible. The Telescopic Handle can be swivelled to either side in 45° steps and is fully adjustable from 85 to 120 cm – offering optimal adjustment to body height and the work situation.

Practical and lightweight
Manoeuvrable, quick and exact lawn edging

Easily convert your grass shears into shrub shears

In no time the Grass Shears can be converted to Shrub Shears. The GARDENA Set Accu Grass and Shrub Shears are a real all-rounder for your garden. Equipped with two different blades, the shears are ideally suited for cutting lawn edges, forming and trimming boxwood, and pruning bushes and shrubs.

A very comfortable and ergonomic way to get neat and perfect lawn edges

The GARDENA Battery Grass Shears are efficient, conveniently cordless and excellently suited for precise edging.

The lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are powerful and can be recharged at any time – without self-discharging and memory effect. The Comfort models feature a carrying handle that can be angled for ergonomic cutting of lawn edges and for trimming bushes and shrubs. Exchangeable blades for cutting grass or shrubs make the Accu Shears extremely versatile. When used with the GARDENA Telescopic Swivel Handle, all models can be operated in an upright and ergonomic position without bending down.

Accu gras shears