Kolačiće koristimo da bismo poboljšali vaše iskustvo na našoj veb-lokaciji. Ako nastavite da pregledate ovu veb-lokaciju, prihvatate naše korišćenje kolačića. Saznajte više tako što ćete pročitati Kolačići
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Gardening tips for beautiful, healthy plants

To help your plants stay healthy and strong you might, once in a while, help them with some fertilizer or pesticide. With fertilizing, less is more. Determine the exact dosage and only fertilize moist soil, preferably on a cloudy day.

Gentle plant care
Versatile sprayers for garden and household

Pump Sprayers for indoor use

The multi-use Pump Sprayers can be used indoors and outdoors for smaller amounts of fertilizers and water. The Pump Sprayers have an ergonomically shaped spray head, stainless steel components, large base for safe stand and are designed for discreet indoor use.

High comfort with the Backpack Sprayer

Made for convenient distribution of liquids in larger quantities. Ideally suited for the care of plants in large gardens with fruit trees and vines. The padded shoulder straps offer the highest comfort during long use.

Useful helpers for plant protection and care

In order for plants to grow strong and healthy, they do not only need good soil and enough water, but also certain nutrients that are not always in the soil. Pressure Sprayers offer easy distribution of fertilizers and spraying of pesticides.

GARDENA has a wide range of Pressure Sprayers. The small Pump Sprayers lie perfectly in the hand, and are mainly used for household and light garden chores. GARDENA Pressure Sprayers are available in different sizes and with different equipment so that you will find the perfect partner for your domestic and garden needs. For distributing larger quantities of liquids, the Backpack Pressure Sprayer is an ideal fit as it can be easily carried on the back.

Pump sprayers

  • Raspršivač 0,5 l (804)

    Višenamenski raspršivač sa pumpom za kuću i baštu

  • Raspršivač 1 l (805)

    Višenamenski raspršivač sa pumpom za kuću i baštu