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Uma gama potente para o trabalho duro

Alguns trabalhos no jardim exigem muita energia. Isso inclui cavar o solo em canteiros, cavar a terra para plantas lenhosas ou transplantar um composto. Com a nova gama de ferramentas inovadoras Terraline ™ pesadas, a GARDENA torna muito menos árduos mesmo os mais difíceis trabalhos do jardim .

For each application, the GARDENA Terraline™ range offers a perfectly suited product: Spade, Small Spade, Pointed Spade, Spading Fork, Compost Fork and Universal Shovel. Each Terraline™ tool sets new standards in design and comfort.

The highly innovative Softec™ shock absorption is unique and has been filed for patent. The GARDENA Terraline™ Spade, Small Spade, Pointed Spade and Spading Fork are all equipped with this. The exclusive Softec™ shock absorption system reduces kickback energy when digging into the earth with the tools, when hitting rocks or when cutting off thicker roots. This tangibly spares the wrist and arm muscles. For good force application and protection against slipping, these Terraline™ tools are also equipped with an extra-large foot protection with robust tread.
All new GARDENA Terraline™ tools share a solid and longlife design and are ergonomic for optimal handling. An extra-wide two-handed grip with soft plastic guarantees good force application. All tool handles are angled for comfortable work; their profile is drop-shaped and coated with non-slip, cold-insulated plastic.

For space-saving storage of garden tools, such as the new Terraline range, combisystem tools, irrigation products and more, there is the new GARDENA Tool Rack in an especially sturdy aluminium design with holders made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and non-slip coated steel hangers. If required, additional single holders can be added to the Tool Rack. These can be separately attached.