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Turbo-driven watering for medium and large lawns

The Turbo-driven Pop-up Sprinkler T 380 is ideal for watering medium- sized to larger lawns.

For smaller areas or plants

The Pop-up Sprinkler S 80 can be used for watering small areas of up to 80 m². The sprinkler sector can be set between 5 and 360° with a range up to 5 meters.

It couldn’t be easier. Well, actually ...

Even when you're away

Do you want your garden to water itself even when you are away on holiday? With GARDENA Watering Computers, Control Systems, Timers and Sensors, your garden irrigation is under control wherever you are.

Starter sets

A convenient way to get started with automatic watering.

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Full range of products for Sprinkler systems

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