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How do I install the GARDENA Robotic Lawnmowers?

You can easily do the installation yourself. Just follow the instructions in the operator’s manual or the installation video clips available on this webpage. The installation takes 2-6 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the lawn.

How do I install the boundary wire?

The boundary wire can be installed in one of the following ways:

1. Securing the wire to the ground with staples.
It is preferable to staple down the boundary wire if you want to make adjustments to the boundary wire during the first few weeks of operation. After a few weeks the grass will have grown over the wire making it no longer visible. Use a hammer/plastic mallet and the pegs supplied when carrying out the installation.

2. Bury the wire.
It is preferable to bury the boundary wire if you want to dethatch or aerate the lawn. Make sure to lay the boundary wire at least 1 cm and a maximum of 20 cm in the ground.

See the operator’s manual for more detailed information

How do I install the guide wire?

The guide wire is a wire that is laid away from the charging station, for instance out towards a remote part of the working area or through a narrow passage and then connected with the boundary wire. The same cable roll is used for both the boundary and guide wires.

Study the operator’s manual for more detailed information.

What is the purpose of the guide wire?

The guide wire is used by the Robotic Lawnmower to find its way back to the charging station but also to guide the mower to remote areas of the garden. It helps the mower to quickly find the charging station and additionally helps the mower to give an even cutting result also on remote areas.

Study the operator’s manual for more detailed information.

How do I connect to wire ends?

Always use the solderless original coupler whenever connecting to wire ends, for example when connecting the guide wire to the boundary wire. Insert the boundary wire in each of the holes in the coupler. Insert the guide wire in the centre hole in the coupler. Check that the wires are fully inserted into the coupler so that the ends are visible through the transparent area on the other side of the coupler. Use pliers to completely compress the button on the coupler.

It does not matter which holes are used to connect each wire.

How do I install the charging station?

Take the following aspects into consideration when identifying the best location for the charging station:

  • Allow for 3 meters of free space in front of the charging station.
  • For the robotic mowers R40Li and R70Li It must be possible to lay at least 1.5 meters of boundary wire straight out to the right and left of the charging station. This is not necessary for the model R160.
  • Close to a wall socket. The supplied low voltage cable is 10 meters long for the robotic mowers R40Li and R70Li, and 20 meters long for the model R160.
  • Find a level surface to place the charging station on.
  • Protection from water spray for instance from irrigation.
  • Protection from direct sunlight.
  • Place in the lower part of a working area that has a major slope.
  • Possible requirement to keep the charging station out of sight for outsiders.
  • Any aesthetic preferences.

Follow the instruction in the operator’s manual for more detailed information.

Is there an installation quick guide?

Yes. Included in the box you get four important documents:

  • Operator’s manual
  • Quick guide
  • Installation DVD
  • Product registration leaflet

The quick guide gives you a quick picture of what the installation is all about. However, always study the operator’s manual for more detailed information, to get the most out from your GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower R40Li.

Download the quick guide (pdf)

How do I get 100% cut to the edge?

Due to safety reasons the body is bigger than the cutting disc. Therefore the cutting disc will not be able to reach for example grass along a wall. To eliminate uncut grass you can place for example flat stones or concrete on areas that the mower cannot cut. In the event of uncut grass along the edges of your lawn, we recommend a trimmer to get a perfect finish for your lawn.

See the operator’s manual for more detailed information

Can I use one GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower on two separate areas?

If the working area consists of two areas which the mower has difficulty travelling between, it is recommended to set up a secondary area. Run the boundary wire then around the secondary area so that it forms an island outside of the main area.

The robotic mower must be moved manually between the main and secondary area when the lawn in the secondary area has to be cut. The MAN operation mode must be used as the lawn mower cannot travel on its own from the secondary area to the charging station.

See the operator’s manual for more detailed information

See the operator’s manual for more detailed information
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