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12/08/ 2015

Premium gardening brand GARDENA is proud to be supporting Choice TV’s popular Get Growing series for the second year running. New Zealand’s favourite garden and outdoor show returns for its fourth series this spring with a new format and a new name - The Get Growing Roadshow.

Irrigation brand Neta - part of the Husqvarna Group along with Gardena - also comes on board as a supporter of the show for 2015. The GARDENA and/or Neta range of gardening and watering products will be showcased in every episode of the 10-part series.

Gardening guru Lynda Hallinan and landscaping expert Justin Newcombe are back as hosts with a new interactive format offering gardening and outdoor space inspiration. As the new name suggests, this year the Get Growing team will be hitting the road. Lynda and Justin will be meeting the public through Q & A events being held in Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua. Discussing plant, garden and outdoor challenges, the team will give on-the-spot advice, tips, practical help and creative solutions.

The presenters will be also connecting directly with viewers through social media and across the Choice TV network. Justin and the Get Growing team will meet viewers at their homes, respond to their questions and lend a practical hand.

The team will provide on-season gardening solutions and expert help turning their produce, garden and landscaping projects into an entertaining, weekly half hour of advice, outdoor inspiration and local information.

Gardeners who’d like expert landscaping design, have some problem with their plants or just want help getting their garden flourishing this spring, can submit their questions, photos, videos and ideas via email at getgrowing@top-shelf.co.nz

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