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Preventing weeds - naturally

Simple advice for eco-friendly removal of weeds.

Planting beds densely

In order to prevent weeds, there is no need to resort to chemical means. The rule of thumb here is: The more densely the bed is planted, the less space is left for the unwanted weeds to grow.

Using mulch

The use of mulch also helps against weeds. It prevents the weed seeds from sprouting. It is important that the bed is free of weeds and well-raked before mulch is spread. Then spread about 50 g of horn shavings per square meter, followed by a layer of bark mulch around three to five centimetres thick.

Expert tip

Household remedies such as applying salt and vinegar to the plants are, in this case, of no use since they are not very effective and are, in particular, harmful to the soil.

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