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Care advice for Christmas trees

A decorated Christmas tree is, for many people, an absolute essential at Christmas time. By the time the pines or spruces get to your living room, they have already travelled a long way. This means that caring for your tree properly is all-the-more important if you are to enjoy it at its best.

Selecting a tree

Most of the Christmas trees available here are pines and spruces. The most noticeable difference between them is simple: Pines have soft needles whereas spruces are prickly to the touch. This makes handling them less pleasant. In addition, spruces drop more needles than pines, which usually only lose a few needles.

The freshness of a cut Christmas tree can be seen from the freshness of the cut - but this is something that's easy only for experts to detect. Spruces which are already dropping lots of needles are guaranteed to be less fresh, as are pines whose branch tips are already shrivelling, you must take a closer look to assess how fresh the trees on offer really are. Of course, the freshest Christmas trees come directly from the plantation where they grew.

Christmas tree stands that allow you to add water keep trees fresher. Christmas tree stands with a pedal-operated clamp are more user friendly: Position the stand, fix the clamp into position, and you're done! Get your Christmas tree dealer to cut the trunk of your tree to the diameter of your stand so that you do not have to attack it at home with a saw and axe.

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