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It's all about comfort!

The GARDENA Hedge Trimmers are well balanced and have ergonomically designed handles to guarantee comfortable work for both left- and right-handed people. The products are lightweight and have smart features to support ergonomic working positions for all kinds of applications.

Rotatable blade unit

The ErgoCut models are comfortable hedge trimmers with a 90° rotatable blade unit for an always ideal cutting position. You always stand optimally for every cutting situation beside the hedge, making your work ergonomic and efficient.

Easy to use

EasyCut models are light and powerful hedge trimmers with ergonomically formed handles – ideal for cutting smaller or shorter hedges.

Electric or battery-driven - our Hedge Trimmers offer perfect results in your garden

Telescopic Hedge Trimmer
It's never been easier to trim high hedges without a ladder

Top handling

Easy and convenient with a maximum reach of 3 meters. For the efficient cutting of high hedges safely from the ground.

Best ergonomic working postion

The tiltable head lets you conveniently cut hedge tops as well as groundcover.

Durable and powerful

The energy source for the GARDENA Accu Hedge Trimmers is the new rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has a long operation time, charging status indicators and is also suited for many other GARDENA battery-driven products.

Innovative and powerful

For large but also smaller gardens, an electric hedge trimmer significantly reduces the work. The GARDENA Electric and Battery Hedge Trimmers are powerful tools that help you achieve the best cutting results.

Being well balanced and ergonomically designed, the hedge trimmers guarantee comfortable work for both left- and right-handed people. Optimised blade shapes ensure an efficient, fast and clean cut. A blade protector at the end of the blade protects the user from kickback when cutting close to the ground, thereby allowing safe work.

Foarfece electric pentru gard viu

Foarfece reîncărcabil pentru gard viu

Accesorii Comparaţi
GARDENA Baterie de schimb Li-ion 18 V / 2,6 Ah GARDENA Baterie de schimb Li-ion 18 V / 2,6 Ah (8835)
Spray de curăţare Spray de curăţare (2366)

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