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A new range of handy multi-purpose GARDENA Folding Saws

The new GARDENA Garden Saws have a lockable saw blade for three different types of sawing angles depending on use. They come in two models in different lengths - for either one-hand or two-hand operation. The handle has soft components for a firm grip, and a stopper that prevents slipping when pulling back. The blade can be folded and has a thumb hole for easy opening and closing. As with all other GARDENA Hand Saws the blade is made of quality steel and is hard chrome plated. The teeth are ground on three sides to make them extremely sharp, effective and gentle on the trees.

Tree Care Saws – attach a combisystem handle and reach anywhere on the tree

Can be used with or without a combisystem handle for a diverse range of applications. Especially efficient for tree pruning, and a hook at the blade point offers easy removal of cut-off branches. All combisystem Saws are equipped with a safety clasp for a secure work experience when connected to a handle.

Bow Saws – light and robust for thick branches and logs

Impulse-hardened and rustproof saw blade with fine cut teeth, which is optimally suited for fresh and dry wood. The tip of the bow is pointed for problem-free and safe work in narrow areas. The blade can be easily and quickly replaced without tools.

Flexible and reliable
Quality products with ergonomic handles and sharp blades

Extremely flexible and reliable garden saws for universal use on trees and shrubs

GARDENA Gardening Saws are made from quality materials and are robust enough to tackle the tree and shrub cutting that smaller tools struggle with.

The saws are still slim and lightweight enough to be easy to handle and reach all the confined spaces on a tree. The sharp blades and the design of the products enable you to cut close to the trunk and leave clean cuts that benefit the trees.

Ferăstraie pentru grădinari

  • Ferăstrău 530 (8747)

    Ferăstrău rezistent şi cu greutate redusă pentru crengi groase şi trunchiuri de copac

  • Ferăstrău 760 (8748)

    Ferăstrăul confortabil şi rezistent pentru tăierea crengilor mai groase şi a trunchiurilor de copac

Ferăstrău manual combisystem

Ferăstrău manual

  • Ferăstrău 470 (662)

    Ferăstrăul multifuncţional pentru tăierea în grădină

  • Ferăstrău 340 (663)

    Tăiere curată - tăiere fără efort

  • Ferăstrău 400 (660)

    Pentru o curăţare uniformă a lemnului proaspăt şi uscat

  • Ferăstrău 520 (661)

    Tăiere mai curată, mai uniformă - rezistent la rugină

Ferăstrău manual universal

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