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Lawn mowing is the number one task for obtaining a well kept lawn. If you want to find that professional finish, lawn mowing should be followed by edging or trimming. And there's even more to lawn care than just cutting the grass if you want that perfect look. Proper aerating and fertilisation should also be done as a routine.

Lawn mowing

Maşina de tuns potrivită pentru fiecare gazon

The biggest decision you’ll make for your lawn is which lawnmower to buy. Frequent mowing helps to develop a good looking and healthy lawn. This can be done comfortably using one of our rotary mowers. If you’re aiming for the perfectly cut English lawn, take one of the cylinder mowers. The most comfortable way of lawnmowing, of course, is using a robotic lawn mower.


Edging gives your lawn the perfect finish

When it comes to the lawn edges, GARDENA offers a number of products to reach inaccessible areas easily. This makes lawn edge care very simple and comfortable.

Lawn care

Acordaţi puţin timp gazonului

Air to breath and fertilizer to nourish. Spring and autumn are the right time to give your lawn some extra support by aerating and fertilizing. GARDENA scarifiers and spreaders help to keep your lawn healthy and dense.