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Remove debris and leaves effortlessly

Road debris on the sidewalk, the many soil crumbs after repotting plants on the patio, and then all the leaves in autumn – every home- and garden owner knows it and cannot avoid the inevitable: clean-up time. With the new Accu Blower AccuJet 18-Li and the new Electric Blower/VAC ErgoJet 3000, GARDENA renders cleaning work in the home and yard both thorough and effortless.

The new super-light and extremely easy-to-use GARDENA Accu Blower AccuJet 18-Li makes strenuous sweeping a thing of the past. Its powerful lithium-ion battery energy source, which can be recharged at any time without problems, quickly blows scattered debris together with a strong air jet. With its perfect, ergonomic design, this "magic broom" is so easy to direct that not even debris in corners or narrow crevices remains inaccessible.

The new GARDENA Electric Blower/VAC ErgoJet 3000 joins three functions in one tool: blowing, vacuuming and shredding. The versatile powerhouse is equipped with a 3000-watt motor. Its blow speed can be set based on individual conditions: less strong for dry materials and extra powerful for blowing together wet leaves and debris.

Changing from blowing-, to vacuum/shredding function is tool-free, and thanks to an innovative and patented design, especially convenient. For this, the turbine- and shredder wheel is simply folded down. Its extra-sturdy metal design now allows vacuumed leaves to be shredded to the ratio 16:1. Thanks to this enormous shredding ratio, a great quantity of material fits in the collection bag and can then be composted. The finely shredded leaves decompose to valuable humus much faster than usual. A practical scraping edge on the GARDENA Electric Blower/VAC ErgoJet 3000 ensures that no wet leaves remain in the garden or on surfaces after completed work.

Remove debris and leaves effortlessly
Blow rather than sweep: the new GARDENA Accu Blower AccuJet 18-Li quickly and cleanly sweeps scattered debris on sidewalks, the patio, in the garden and hobby room with a powerful air jet, requiring little to no effort.

Blowing, vacuuming and shredding
The new GARDENA Electric Blower/VAC ErgoJet 3000 joins these three functions in one tool. Changing from the blowing- to the vacuum/shredding function is tool-free and especially easy thanks to an innovative, patented design. The finely shredded leaves are reduced to a shredding ratio of 16:1. This allows a large quantity to fit in the collection bag, which can then be composted. The shredded leaves decompose especially fast to valuable humus.