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Automatic garden irrigation in a double pack

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This applies to gardens as well. Some prefer the flower garden type. Expansive lawns characterise the villa garden. In residential areas of large cities, with their high property prices, row home gardens are prevalent.

In each of these garden types, one finds areas with fundamentally different planting. The new GARDENA Water Computer C 2030 duo plus now makes automatic irrigation of vastly varying garden areas much easier.
For flexible irrigation control, the new GARDENA Water Computer C 2030 duo plus has two programmable outlets. Each outlet can be activated up to three times per day. This makes it extra easy to optimally and automatically water two separate garden areas, as a double pack: for example, the lawn with a sprinkler and a bordering flower- or herbaceous bed with the Micro-Drip-System. 

For each of the outlets, duration and frequency of the automatic watering programme can be individually and independently set based on plant requirements. Up to three watering sessions per day are possible. Practical: there is only one control panel for both outlets. It can be detached, rendering programming especially convenient. 

A Rain- or Soil Moisture Sensor can also be connected to each outlet. The sensor control independently interrupts watering at the onset of rain, or when the soil is sufficiently moist, thereby helping to save water.