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For trimming the edges of lawns comfortably and without a power cord. Comfort handle can be angled and adapted to a natural hand position. Replaceable NiCd rechargeable cells. Operating components are specially arranged to ensure an ergonomic and relaxed working position. Optimised weight distribution for effortless trimming. Powerful motor for excellent cutting results. Replaceable high-quality blade, precisionground, non-stick coated. Blade is easy to replace without tools. Can be converted into Shrub Shears. All models have wheels for guiding the shears. Complete with separate battery charger and blade sheath. Telescopic Swivel Handle can be fitted for working in an upright position.

Codice articolo: 8804
Specifiche della batteria
Tipo di batteria NiCd
Attrezzatura di taglio
Larghezza taglio 10 cm
Autonomia di taglio max. 90 min
Codice articolo Cod. prodotto Aggiungi all'elenco prodotti preferiti
8804-20 901 19 63-01
Prodotto eliminato!

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