Comfort Spreader 800

Comfort Spreader 800


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Always the right dosage

Through the Stop-System, the wheels have a freewheeling function in backward movements. Spreading is thereby only done when the Spreader is pushed forward. An overdosage is thereby effectively prevented.


Highly-elastic spreading cylinder

The highly elastic spreading cylinder allows especially even distribution of spreading material of various sizes. The supplied dosage table shows the right dosage.


Easy operation

At the handle, the Spreader can be easily operated with the on-/off function.



With the extra-large 20 l volume, you can work continuously. Large areas can be planted or fertilised with one stroke.


Recommended for lawn areas up to approx. 800 m2

The GARDENA Comfort Spreader 800 has an extra-large volume and is suitable for large areas. Thanks to its innovative, highly elastic spreading cylinder, material can be optimally spread. The practical and time-saving spreading-path colour-marker prevents overdosage and multiple spreading. The environmentally friendly colour dissolves with the next rain. Through the two-wheel drive, the Spreader runs smoothly. The freewheeling function of the wheels is also practical and ensures that the Spreader only spreads when being pushed. When the Spreader is pulled back, there is no application. The Spreader can be filled with spreading material of various size: e.g. with fertiliser, seeds, lime, sand, chippings or salt. The Spreader is thereby of use all year round. Fertiliser quantity or seed quantity can be optimally adjusted with the dosage table. Always easy, and always the right dosage. With the sturdy, aluminium T-handle the Spreader can be easily used with one or two hands. The convenient dosage lever with on-/off-function is right at the carrying handle and can be conveniently applied. The spreading container is made of high-quality plastic; the wheels have the right grip for every application and for every surface. Cleaning is easy. The Spreader can be easily cleaned under a water jet.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 435-20
EAN-Code: 4078500043502


Working area capacity (±20) 800 m²
Spreading width 0.53 m
Container capacity 20 l
Dosage table Yes

Support & service

Robotic Service

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