Where lawnmowers can’t reach, let trimmers take over

There´s the right trimmer for every kind of garden - whether small, medium, large or overgrown. The GARDENA trimmer range offers different trimmers to fit all individual needs.


Best ergonomic working position

Large handle at front for convenient handling. Easy to adjust to individual height for a relaxed working position.


Highest level of operation comfort

Intuitive operation of the trimmer head. Simply press the button to swivel the head for vertical lawn edging or any other required gardening task.


Durable and powerful

The energy source for the Accu Trimmers is the new Lithium-Ion battery. It has a long operation time, charging status indicators and is also suited for all other GARDENA battery-driven products.


AutoSpeed for additional power

Automatic cutting speed adjustment for efficient trimming and best cutting of tougher and higher grass (only PowerCut Plus 650/30)


Top handling

Easily adjust the angle between the trimmer head and the handle with your foot during operation. Used when trimming under low obstacles.


Protect your plants

With the help of the plant guard, bordering plants are protected.

GARDENA SmallCut 300/23
Article No.: 9805-20
Extra lightweight and easy to use
GARDENA SmallCut Plus 350/23
Article No.: 9806-20
Extra lightweight, excellent ergonomics for taller users
GARDENA EasyCut 400/25
Article No.: 9807-20
The easy way of trimming, with excellent ergonomics
GARDENA ComfortCut 450/25
Article No.: 9808-20
The comfortable way to trim and edge the contours of your lawn
GARDENA ComfortCut Plus 500/27
Article No.: 9809-20
The powerful and comfortable way to trim and edge the contours of your lawn
GARDENA PowerCut Plus 650/30
Article No.: 9811-20
Heavy-duty trimmer with AutoSpeed for tough conditions and larger areas
Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300 Accu
Article No.: 8844-20
The flexible tool for smaller trimming jobs in the garden
Accu-Trimmer EasyCut Li-18/23R
Article No.: 9823-20
Trimming made easy with powerful batteries
Accu-Trimmer EasyCut Li-18/23
Article No.: 9824-20
Trimming made easy with powerful batteries
Accu-Trimmer ComfortCut Li-18/23R
Article No.: 9825-20
Convenient trimming with powerful batteries
Interchangeable Li-Ion battery BLi-18
Article No.: 9840-20
The strong and reliable energy source
Replacement Battery NiMH 18 V / 1.6 Ah
Article No.: 8834-20
System battery for SmallCut 300 Accu and EasyCut 42 Accu
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 2406-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 2385, 2390, 2395, 2400 and accu-system V12 Trimmer TL 18.
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5306-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 8844, 8845
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5307-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 9805, 9806, 9807, 9808, 9809, 8846, 8847, 8848.
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5308-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 8851, 8852
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5309-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 9811
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5364-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 2401
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5365-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 2402
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5366-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 2403
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5367-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 2404
Spare Blades
Article No.: 5368-20
For Turbotrimmer AccuCut 400 Li, AccuCut 450 Li, accuCut
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5369-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 2542, 2544, 2555 and String Trimmer, Art. No. 2545 and 2546 as of series '99.
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5370-20
For Turbotrimmer, Art. No. 2540 and accu-system V12 Trimmer TL 21.
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5371-20
For Turbotrimmer, Art. Nos. 2542, 2544, 2550, 2555 and String Trimmers, Art. No. 2545/2546.
Replacement Filament Cassette
Article No.: 5372-20
For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 2557, 2558, 2560, 2565 and String Trimmer, Art. No. 2548
Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300
Article No.: 8845-20
Light and easy-to-use – convenient and safe
Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300
Article No.: 8845-22
Light and easy-to-use – convenient and safe

Expired products

Turbotrimmer ProCut 800
Article No.: 8851-22
Ergonomic work position