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Balcony Pump Sprayer 1 l

Balcony Pump Sprayer 1 l



Ultra-light spraying mist

The nozzle can be adjusted to ultra-light mist, thereby allowing gentle watering of sensitive plants in the home.


Ergonomically formed handle

Through the ergonomically formed handle, the Balcony Pump Sprayer lies perfectly in the hand and allows comfortable use.


Large filling opening

The large filling opening renders filling of the Balcony Pump Sprayer easy - just hold directly under the tap.

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Level indicator gives clarity

Without the need to open the sprayer, the level indicator shows when the container needs to be filled again.



In addition to its functional qualities, the Premium Pump Sprayer shines through its elegant design: stainless steel nozzle addition, stainless steel ring and a dark container make for high-quality appearance.


The design-oriented multi-use sprayer for the balcony and home

The GARDENA Balcony Pump Sprayer 1 l is a multi-use sprayer for balcony and indoor use and has a capacity of 1.0 litre. With a stainless steel nozzle addition and stainless steel ring, only high-quality and modern materials are used. The dark container fulfils demands for elegant appearance – all this renders theBalcony Pump Sprayer ideal for use on your balcony and in your home. With its ultra-light mist, the Balcony Pump Sprayer is ideal for careful misting of sensitive plants.It is also easy and comfortable to use: thanks to the ergonomically formed handle, the Balcony Pump Sprayer lies perfectly in the hand; the nozzle is fully adjustable from hard jet to fine mist. In addition, the large filling opening facilitates filling from the tap. The filter at the suction pipe is practical and protects against nozzle obstruction. The Balcony Pump Sprayer also has a level indicator that can be easily read without opening the container.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 806-20
EAN-Code: 4078500080606

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