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The Metal Hose Trolley is highly robust thanks to its materials and parts, in particular the powder-coated metal reel. Through the freewheeling crank handle, the hose can be easily wound. The wide stand frame gives high stability. You can comfortably draw the Hose Trolley through your garden. Smooth-running profiled wheels also ensure this. The pushing handle has a comfortable grip to protect the hands. All this renders the GARDENA Metal Hose Trolley a robust helper while watering. Completely assembled: 40m Classic Hose 13mm (1/2"), two tap connectors, two hose connectors and one shower/ spray gun.

Reference number: 2680
Max. capacity 13 mm (1/2") 60 m / 196.85 feet
Max. capacity 15 mm (5/8") 50 m / 164.04 feet
Max. capacity 19 mm (3/4") 35 m / 114.83 feet
Hose Length 40 m / 131.23 feet
Hose Diameter Single 13 mm / 0.51 inch
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2680-28 966 69 41-01

Manuals & documentation

Manuals & documentation

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