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Your garden is a place to relax and feel good. To ensure that your plants and your lawn stay green and healthy, the right watering is essential. GARDENA offers you great solutions for the areas of watering, water transportation, water pumps and automatic watering. There are efficient watering solutions for almost every kind of garden.

Water delivery

Let it rain!

Water your flowers targeted by hand with spray guns or spray lances. Or use a mobile sprinkler for easily watering your lawn. For all cleaning tasks around the house and garden, you can choose from a wide range of cleaning tools.

Water transportation

Bring water to it's destination

With GARDENA you transport water to where it is needed - to your plants. This way you keep them strong and healthy. Water can be transported in different ways. Either with hoses and a hose trolley or a hose reel. Or stationary via a pipeline system installed underground in your garden.

Automatic watering

You don't want to spend time on watering your plants? No problem: There are comfortable ways to water your lawn, flower or vegetable beds and potted plants easily and comfortably. GARDENA offers a wide range of watering systems, like Sprinklersystem or Micro-Drip-System, which even work automatically if you connect a watering computer. So you can relax or go on holidays with your plants being taken good care of.