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Ergonomics, quality materials and lightweight design for the best cutting result

The GARDENA Loppers are all robust, long lasting, but still lightweight products that offer the best cutting performance. Made from quality materials and equipped with the most innovating features, the loppers deliver an effortless but precise cutting result. Optimal operating ergonomics and comfort, in a stylish design, ensure a safe and accurate experience in your garden.

Telescopic Loppers
Greater reach - more leverage

Bypass loppers – ideal for fresh wood

Both blade and counter blade are ground and penetrate into the branch simultaneously. They have a "pulling cut", which means easy, accurate cutting without leaving pressure marks on the wood. Branches and twigs are cut very close to the trunk, which prevents cones that hinder the flow of sap.

Anvil loppers – ideal for hard, dry wood

The upper blade is narrower and sharper. The wide anvil distributes pressure and supports the branch in order to avoid damaging or crushing the bark. A curved head or swivelling anvil provides an easier cutting action close to the joint.

25-year warranty*

The GARDENA Loppers are designed and built in Germany using our long experience and sturdy materials – and they are tested extensively.

Ergonomic, lightweight and precise with more efficient cutting power

Innovative problem solving and the most modern materials in all the GARDENA Pruning Loppers guarantee comfort and excellent cutting result.

Most gardens have at least one tree and several bushes. Each tree or bush has its own needs – depending on its age, size, structure or the individual growth situation. GARDENA offers the right cutting tool for every application. For thinner branches and twigs, pruning loppers are very useful. With the range of different Classic, Comfort or Premium models, GARDENA has the ideal tool for you – from garden beginner to professional user.

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Comfort Pruning loppers

  • Lopper 500 BL (8770)

    Ultra-light and comfortable for cutting

  • Lopper SmartCut (8773)

    Powerful and easy-to-use thanks to the ratchet function

    Awarded product

* Precondition for the warranty (purchase of the product within Europe after June 1st 2005) is the presentation of the original purchase receipt that is printed by a cash system (not manually written) and on which the date of purchase and the type and name of the product are listed. For operational wear, especially at blades, blade fixations, turbines, lamps, V-belts and drive belts, impellers, air filters, ignition plugs and for consequences of improper use, in particular for non-observance of care indications, no warranty will be granted.