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Smart lopper that cuts with ratchet power

In tending to woody plants, trees and shrubs - garden lovers know this problem only too well: there are finger-thick branches and some that have grown much more strongly. And that is not all.

Sometimes the wood is soft, but sometimes extremely hard. You would really need several tools to do justice to these various types of wood to cut. But you do not need them. Because now there are the new GARDENA Comfort Ratchet Lopper SmartCut.

Easily, the 4-stage ratchet mechanism of this powerful and comfortable anvil pruning lopper can handle changing cutting conditions. The patented mechanism is automatically activated if required and can then effortlessly separate stronger branches and hard wood in up to 4 cutting steps. This renders the care of woody plants easy and fast.

Cutting results are always clean and exact. This is guaranteed by the new GARDENA Comfort Ratchet Lopper SmartCut's high-quality aluminium anvil and the precision-ground, non-stick coated upper blade. Handling is also excellent. The oval arms guarantee high stability with a low weight. Ergonomic handles with soft components allow a sturdy hold and comfortable work. And something else will make garden lovers happy: a 25 year warranty!