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Pulling the roots from dandelion & Co.

They just make themselves at home anywhere - dandelions with their large leaf rosettes, the yellow blossoms and the round seeds which children like to blow but which gardeners do not like at all. The free-blowing seeds which float parachute-like in the air result in massive distribution. And then it is not so easy to get rid of these unwelcome guests. Then they anchor themselves deep into the ground with long roots. The same applies to cow parsely, cheropod, redshank and other weeds.

The new GARDENA Weeding Trowel is not impressed by these. It pulls dandelion & Co. out by the roots like nothing. Gardeners no longer need to bend over or dirty their hands. What will please ecologically-oriented gardeners even more: you will not need chemical pesticides.

Comfortably, in a standing position, the patented GARDENA Weeding Trowel is brought vertically into position over dandelion & Co. and then pushed into the ground. With two special blades, it penetrates the ground easily and deeply. Through a simple clockwise turn, the roots are cleanly separated. The weeds can now be thoroughly removed from the ground. A practical ejector mechanism comfortably takes care of the rest: dandelion and other nuisances wind up in the bin.