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Premium Quality as Standard

Increased durability, smoother handling and 25% better grip on the hose. This is what distinguishes the GARDENA Premium Metal range.

The Spray Nozzle and Sprayer incorporate palm-grip design and advanced ergonomics.
Soft composite material on the handle (soft-grip) and the palm-grip design ensure they fit comfortably in the palm - and all with longer life!

The Premium watering range complements the other Premium products - Premium Secateurs, Loppers and Hedge Clippers!

Professional quality - with GARDENA palm-grip design and comfortable soft-grip

GARDENA has developed materials to solve the problem of achieving both durability and easy of use. The keywords are balance and comfort for the Premium range of Guns, Nozzles, Connectors, Lance and Sprinkler.

The classic GARDENA connector now comes with a 25% better grip on the hose!
The most copied connector in the world is now available in a design using metal to reduce wear and tear. They also have the comfortable soft-grip but also a 25% improved grip on the hose.
Palm-grip design and comfortable soft-grip 
Premium Guns and Nozzles from GARDENA have our palm-grip design - meaning they fit perfectly into the palm of the hand so a comfortable working position can be achieved. Soft composite material (soft-grip) in combination with ''wear and tear'' parts in metal provide comfortable handling and durability. The water flow can be regulated just by using your thumb and without having to change your grip. The Guns and Nozzles deliver an even water flow even when the water pressure fluctuates and they are tested down to -10°C with no harm done.

A complete range 
Included in the Premium series are also a Spray Lance and an Oscillating Sprinkler 250.