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Practical garden hose transport with a trolley or reel

Garden friends don't like half-deals. That's why it goes without saying: a garden hose needs a hose trolley or an easy-to-carry hose reel. Only in this way is the garden hose mobile enough for its many uses in the home and garden. And it can be stored properly.

For every requirement in smaller- and larger gardens, GARDENA is now offering a completely new range with the Classic Hose Reel 60 TS and 60 HG (both also in set), as well as the new Classic Hose Trolley 100 HG with modern design and even better features. Alternatively, new Hose Reels are available from GARDENA for easy hose transportation and safe storage. The Classic Hose Reel 50 (also available as a set) for the garden and the smaller Classic Hose Reel 10 Set. The latter is particularly suitable for use on patios. The practical Classic Hose Box 15 Set is also ideal for camping, leisure and water sports. All sets are fully equipped with hose and Original GARDENA System connecting parts for immediate use.

With its large, smooth-turning profile wheels, the new GARDENA Classic Hose Trolley is especially stable thanks to a specially formed aluminium foot element. The innovatively placed handle is also made of high-quality aluminium and non-slip in grip; it can be easily adjusted in height and is easy to move regardless of body height. The crank handle can be folded in to save space.

The new GARDENA Classic Hose Trolleys 60 HG and 100 HG are also equipped with an automatic Guiding Reel. This allows precise hose winding in even layers without dirty hands.

As a practical extra benefit the new GARDENA Classic Hose Reels and the new GARDENA Classic Wall-Fixed Hose Reel offer easy mobility. Perfect for camping, leisure time and watersports is the new space-saving and easy-to-carry GARDENA Classic Hose Box 15 Set.