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GARDENA StarCut tree and shrub lopper

The colours of autumn provide a new and fascinating natural extravaganza each year. But they are also an unmissable indicator that the gardening year is slowing coming to an end. Before the garden sinks into its winter sleep, garden owners can prepare the way for more blooms and fresh shoots next year one last time with skillful trimming and lopping. It is important to prune in a targeted, safe and comfortable manner.

Even for gardeners who don't like heights, this is now easy as pie. Gardeners wishing to prune high up can use the GARDENA Comfort tree and shrub lopper. This allows pruning in all locations to be carried out cleanly and safely from the ground.

With the GARDENA StarCut 410 BL telescopic pruning lopper - which, including your own height, can reach up to 6.5 metres - you are sure to have pruning under control. The stable, extra light aluminium handle of the telescopic pruning lopper can be infinitely adjusted as required from 2.30 to 4.10 metres with no need for the complex adjustment of the pull cord. The narrow cutting head can be navigated easily through any jungle of branches. Once you have reached the pruning area, the cutting angle of the StarCut can be adjusted conveniently in line with the direction in which the relevant branch is growing from the ground. To do so simply press the cutting head lightly against the tree trunk or branch until the desired angle clicks into place. This is practical and saves time. Thanks to force-amplifying transmission, you now simply have to lightly pull the handle to make the branch fall. Forces are optimally amplified using a roller transmission so that cutting is easier. The tree cutting mechanics are completely internal, so they do not become entangled or hooked up in the branches. The precision-ground, non-stick coated blades ensure a clean cut. The blades are either operated using the pull-handle with its secure non-stick stop on the device's or the practical T-handle at the end (recommended retail price €99.99).

No need to go so high? Then take a look at the little brother of the telescopic pruning lopper. The handy StarCut 160 BL pruning lopper is shorter. It can be used to reach up to 3.50 metres. Thanks to its narrow design, it is particularly practical for cutting close to the ground or in thick branches without suffering pain due to bending. It goes without saying that the StarCut 160 BL with its non-slip coated blade cuts just as precisely - and the special blade shape is optimally designed for holding the items to be cut (recommended retail price €69.99).

Another benefit: GARDENA is completely certain of the cutting quality, comfort and long life of the loppers, so we give a 25 year guarantee on both products.