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Garden hose system technology that delivers what it promises

Quality pays off. This also holds true for the purchase of a garden hose. That's why GARDENA has now transferred its concept for the Original GARDENA System to the garden hose – with premium, extremely durable materials and the Power Grip strip.

A system is always more than the sum of its individual components. And yet, a system is only as reliable as its weakest component. When problems arise as a result, replacement usually costs a lot of money and nerves. Garden enthusiasts know that and are well-advised to turn to quality rather than cheap products if they want to have lasting enjoyment with their gardening equipment. 

The guarantee for high quality system solutions is the Original GARDENA System, whose concept of plug connections and watering accessories like nozzles, sprayers, spray lances or sprinklers, which have been proven a million times over, have now been extended to include garden hoses. Depending on demands and needs, hobby gardeners have the choice between the models GARDENA Premium SuperFLEX, GARDENA Comfort HighFLEX and GAR-DENA Comfort FLEX. The major advantage of the new GARDENA Garden Hoses: Due to the new Original GARDENA Power Grip strip, they have a perceptible profile, hose and watering accessories can therefore be optimally joined together.

The interior of the GARDENA Garden Hoses firstly consists of a black inner layer, which prevents unwanted algae growth. The hose is surrounded by a threaded spiral that guarantees high pressure resistance and dimensional stability. The second layer consists of a polyester spiral with an extra high thread density, depending on the quality, which makes the hose so flexible and movable like water itself. Kinking, knotting or twisting of the hose have therefore become a thing of the past. A micro-structured and transparent outer shell encases the SuperFLEX Garden Hose. Its pearl effect prevents dirt deposits and prevents the hose from becoming scratched. 

The new Original GARDENA System Garden Hoses are available in the diame-ters 13 millimetres (1/2 inch), 15 millimetres (5/8 inch), and 19 millimetres (3/4 inch). The hoses are equipped with the Power Grip and the Premium Super-FLEX has a max. pressure of 35 bar, for Comfort HighFLEX 30 bar and 25 bar for ComfortFLEX.

In compliance with contemporary standards, GARDENA uses no heavy metals and no plastic softening agents, like the contested phthalate, in their selection of materials, and provides a staggered warranty of 12 to 30 years, depending on the model. 

In contrast to the GARDENA System Hoses, the basic starter model in proven GARDENA quality, the GARDENA Classic Hose with 22 bar max. pressure, does not feature Power Grip Strips. GARDENA provides a 12-year warranty for this hose.