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Elegant and comfortable sprayers for household and garden

If you're gonna do it, do it right – a pump sprayer is needed in the household and a pressure sprayer is needed in the garden. But it has to be the right one: one that is comfortable and practical to handle, that can be used for multifarious purposes, one with a design that is elegant and nothing to hide. Basically, exactly what the new Pump- and Pressure Sprayers by GARDENA have to offer.

For the household and smaller plant care, there is the new GARDENA Comfort Pump Sprayer 0.5 l and 1 l. Or, as an elegant accessoire in the living area, there is the ready-to-go GARDENA Premium Pump Sprayer 1 l. All are optimal in their ergonomics, lie firmly in the hand and can be well used for tire-free work. Large filling openings and practical level indicators render filling easy, and the spray nozzles can be infinitely adjusted from fine mist to hard jet. Filters at the suction pipes prevent obstruction.

The new GARDENA Comfort Pressure Sprayer 1.25 l is well suited as an all-round device for requirements in the household and garden. More at home in the garden is the new GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 5 l. The new GARDENA Classic Pressure Sprayer 5 l and the Comfort Pressure Sprayer 3 l and 5 l are ideally suited for distributing liquid fertiliser or pesticides.

The two Comfort top models boast everything that render plant care easy and safe: an extra-large filling opening, an extra-stable tank with finely scaled and easy-to-read level indicator, as well as broad feet for stable standing even on uneven ground for easy pumping with the ergonomically formed D-handle. The shoulder strap is comfortably padded. The spray nozzle can be angled and infinitely adjusted, and there is an impulse trigger with on-off lock.

The new GARDENA Trolley is a great thing as well. All new pressure sprayer models with 3 l and 5 l content can be fixed onto this Trolley and easily transferred from place to place. On the Trolley, it is also easily possible to maintain the optimal spray pressure through additional pumping.

The new GARDENA Comfort Backpack Sprayer 12 l is well suited for semi-professional use in large house gardens, as well as in orchards and for the care of grape vines.