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Water your garden the smart way – save time and money.

Put the time-consuming watering of the garden behind you. Save time – and save water! Lower your overall costs and lean back and enjoy your flourishing garden. All of this is made possible thanks to the Gardena Micro-Drip-System.

Watering your garden manually using watering cans is hard work and a method that might leave you with uneven results. This is where the Gardena Micro-Drip-System comes into play. Accuracy and well-engineered, thought-through solutions will provide the owner a plethora of advantages, compared with other solution. 

“The Micro-Drip irrigation system has two main features that makes it such a good solution”, says Bruno Häussler, Global Product Manager for watering systems at Gardena. “First of all, once the system has been properly installed it makes the whole watering process so much easier as all you have to do is open the tap or enter the commands on the Gardena water computer and then it takes care of itself. Secondly it’s a water saving system that can save up to 70 percent of water.”
The Micro-Drip-System directs water to where it’s needed – to the root area of the plants, which reduces the water loss due to evaporation. Droplet watering, targeted directly at the plants also significantly reduces the growth of weeds. 

By planning the system properly, your flowerbeds, hedges, lawns and even your potted patio plants will be watered in the most efficient way possible. By using water controls, in combination with soil moisture or rain sensors, the plants will receive the exact amount of water needed to flourish. There’s also the possibility to intergrate fertiliser into the system, to provide further growth.
The system’s wide range of applications and components offers flexibility and versatility, which makes it ideal for any kind of garden. It’ll make sure the garden lawn gets soaked from underlying driplines (almost like under floor heating system), cover the hedges in a mist of water and gently drizzle drops into potted plants or flowerbeds. It can be diverted into a greenhouse and can even be used to water the patio plants or balcony greenery while you’re away on holiday. 

“There are easy applications for everything, what ever your particular need is”, says Bruno Häussler. “And the system is very user-friendly. Connecting pipes and nozzles is child’s-play as it’s all designed  with the ’Quick & Easy’ connection technology. It’s like building Lego, really”.

Read more about Gardena’s Micro-Drip-system at http://www.gardena.com/uk/water-management/micro-drip-irrigation-system/

The Gardena Micro-Drip-System has a wide range of applications. The main components are:
Master Unit
Connecting pipes
Couplings & Joints
Endline dripheads (nozzles, drip heads and sprinklers)
Fertilizer dispenser