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Time for trimming!

No matter how effective your lawnmower is, there will always be a few more things to do before you can relax: The time has come for trimming and edging.

Trimming your lawn can be the difference between an ordinary, normal lawn and something real special. The trimming is vital in order to get to the growth that the lawnmower can’t reach. Around rocky parts, roots or uneven parts of the lawn, but also in areas that aren’t the “fine” parts of the lawn, but rather parts of the lawn that consist of smaller meadows or forested slopes.
So what should one keep in mind while trimming the garden? First of all you need a good trimmer, easy to start and use, lightweight and with low noise levels.
“And then it’s not that complicated, really”, says Andreas Rangert, Global Product Manager at Husqvarna. “You’ll be needing good trousers, sensible shoes, ear protection, protective glasses and a sense of respect for the fact that it’s a rotating nylon thread that sweeps ahead of you. The trimmer is effective when cutting grass but won’t suffice when it comes to sturdier, woodier things like small brushes. Then you’ll have to use other tools.”
Edging is performed in order to create clear-cut edges or borders with flowerbeds or gravel pathways. It makes the lawn look better and also makes it easier to keep the grass separated from other plants. You simply remove the sward from the lawn in a straight line a small distance from the flowerbed. Use a shovel or spade with a straight blade or an edger tool. The edging is easiest to do while the lawn is moist.

[Husqvarna has two great products for trimming and edging:]

[Husqvarna 122C – a silent and lightweight trimmer with user-friendly features like Smart Start®. This means that the machine starts quickly and with a minimum of strain, the resistance when starting has been reduced with up to 40 percent. The engine has a low noise level, which is appreciated, not the least, by your neighbours.
Husqvarna 122LD – a multi-purpose machine that not only trims the grass but can also be used as a hedge trimmer, edger, pole saw or cultivator. Furthermore the shaft is detachable which makes the machine easy to transport and store away.]

[Insert product info:]
McCulloch has several great products for trimming and edging:]

Trim Mac 250LS
MAC 426 L
MAC 250 L
MAC 250 B

[How to use your Husqvarna trimmer: [link to: http://www.youtube.com/user/HusqvarnaWorldwide#p/u/75/WF3MAmUSNSI]]