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Water pipelines below ground for easy access to water in all areas of your garden

Do you need water at different places around your house and garden? Have you had enough of winding and unwinding long garden hoses? Then the GARDENA Pipeline, permanently installed below ground, is the perfect solution for you. Simply attach your hose to one of the built-in GARDENA Water Connectors in your garden and you have water whenever and wherever you need it.

Install and you're ready to go

How to get started? The Starter Set includes material for two tapping points and can be infinitely extended. You will tap water like electricity from the mains.

Water Connector

Water Connectors can be installed any place in your garden in order to supply water. The hose connector can be simply clicked on the water connector so that the water can be used for irrigation or cleaning. An integrated stop valve prevents water flowing as soon as you disconnect the hose.

Connecting Pipe

Connecting Pipes are installed underground. They are the connection between the below ground installed water connectors. Different connectors like T- or L- or angled pieces can be used for changing the direction or adding a new pipe.

Drain Valve

Drain Valves are used for draining water automatically when shutting down the system. When it is installed at the lowest point within the pipe system, the underground installation is protected against frost.

Connecting Point

The Connecting Point is the underground connection to the installed pipeline system. It is connected to the water tap via a regular hose (diameter 19 mm, 3/4”).

Spiral Hose Box

The GARDENA Spiral Hose Box comes completely with 10 meters of spiral hose and spray nozzle. No extra hose has to be connected, the spiral hose can be pulled out easily and disappears back into the box after use. For tidy and convenient use.

Water Plug

With the GARDENA Water Plug you can install an above-ground water tapping point so that water can be taken conveniently without having to bend down – like from a water tap. For easy and flexible use, the water plug connection is angled and rotatable.

Water tapping at any point in your garden

The permanently installed water pipelines will make your everyday watering and garden care much more convenient and flexible.

Once installed the system is easy to operate and has built-in protection against debris and frost. The wide rim of the connection points prevents grass from growing into the cover.

Convenient and safe - what are you waiting for?

Starter sets

A convenient way to get started with automatic watering.

Listing of products

Full range of products for Water pipeline.

Pipeline Compare
Connecting Point Connecting Point (2722)

Practical system start of Pipeline and Sprinklersystem

Water Connector Water Connector (8250)

Water like electricity from the mains

Water Plug Water Plug (8254)

Water tapping with rotating connection

Spiral Hose Box Spiral Hose Box (8253)

The clever hose from under the ground

Connecting Pipe 25 mm Connecting Pipe 25 mm (2718)

The central pipeline of a Sprinklersystem

Connecting Pipe 25 mm Connecting Pipe 25 mm (2700)

The central pipeline of a Sprinklersystem

Connecting Pipe 25 mm Connecting Pipe 25 mm (2701)

The central pipeline of a Sprinklersystem

T-piece 25 mm T-piece 25 mm (2771)

Easy pipe branching

L-piece 25 mm L-piece 25 mm (2773)

Easy change of direction

Connector 25 mm Connector 25 mm (2775)

Easy and secure extension

Connector 25 mm x 3/4 Connector 25 mm x 3/4" female thread (2761)

Safe connection

Connector 25 mm x 1 Connector 25 mm x 1" female thread (2762)

Safe connection

Adapter Piece Adapter Piece (1513)

For a permanently pressure-resistant hose connection

Drain Valve Drain Valve (2760)


T-piece 25 mm x 3/4 T-piece 25 mm x 3/4" female thread (2790)

Safe connection