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The GARDENA "Profi" Maxi-Flow System 3-way Y-Coupling is ideal in connection with longer hoses or for use with pumps. Who doesn't know this problem: your garden has only one water source, but you would like to connect two devices to the garden hose at the same time? Particularly in the "Profi" Maxi-Flow System a practical solution. With the use of the GARDENA "Profi" Maxi-Flow System 3-way Y-Coupling, the hose can be practically branched. This allows simultaneous, various work in the garden, e.g. the lawn can be sprinkled while the other hose is used for watering flower-beds. The 3-way Y-Coupling has a 3/4" inlet and two 3/4" outlets. For every problem, there is a solution.

Reference number: 2833
  • From 1 make 2

    From 1 make 2

    Thanks to the hose branching, the hose and thereby the water can be divided between two different watering devices in the garden.

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Manuals & documentation

Manuals & documentation

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