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Product guides

Need help finding the right products and tools for your garden? Secateur or lopper, branch pruner or saw? What's the best watering solution for you? Our guide has the answer.

  • Lawn care guide
  • Tree and shrub care guide
Product guides

Micro drip planner

GARDENA’s Micro-Drip-System is designed for irrigation of all locations around the garden including where different plants may have different requirements for water, for example special plants in flower beds, pots, greenhouses, etc.

  • Choose the plants or application you want to water in your garden, e.g. flower pots, a hedge, a row of bushes or a greenhouse.
  • Add additional information regarding the individual situation
  • The shopping list will be created automatically

Irrigation planner

Sprinkler planner

The GARDENA Sprinklersystem Planner allows you to plan a permanently installed, fully automatic watering system using the GARDENA Sprinklersystem, tailored for the individual needs of your garden.

  • Draw your property and all surroundings and features, such as house, garage, flower beds, etc.
  • Lay out water pipes and sprinklers
  • The shopping list will be created automatically

Pump guide

Pump guide

Draining, watering or domestic water supply: select the GARDENA pump that suits your needs and fits the job to be done. Also get instructions on how to use your pump.

  • Select your application or what you want to use a pump for
  • The ideal pump for your given requirements is calculated and recommended
  • Get more important tips on how to use pumps