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Well prepared for snow and ice

Each year, winter turns our surroundings into an enchanting landscape and tempts us to take part in a snowball fight, go sledging or take a winter walk. However, the white wonderland is not welcome everywhere. Pavements, yard entrances and steps can quickly become hazardous when it snows. Practical devices are necessary to ensure that clearing snow and ice does not become torture. For this reason, GARDENA has extended its popular combisystem to include system parts for winter tasks.

GARDENA combisystem winter devices

The new GARDENA combisystem snow shovels and scrapers make clearing snow and ice particularly easy. And to ensure that land and property owners always retain control over the snow and ice, there is a new GARDENA combisystem ergoline aluminium handle for both winter devices.

The new GARDENA combisystem snow shovels are characterised by a particularly light and stable plastic blade, excellent sliding characteristics and an ideal working angle for perfect cleaning results; you can choose between a working width of 40 or 50 centimetres. Both snow shovel sizes are available with a highly non-slip and flexible plastic or aluminium profile edge. Whilst the aluminium profile edge achieves clean results on smooth concrete and asphalt surfaces, the plastic edge is ideal for quiet snow clearing on all surfaces, including uneven natural stone or cobbles.

All shovels have high blade edges so that the cleared snow does not fall off the sides. The plastic blade is also frost-resistant down to minus 40 degrees Celsius and resistant to salt. And thanks to the fine blade surface structure you can be sure that the snow will not stick to the shovels (recommended retail price €16.99 to €19.99).

Wherever trampled snow or ice make areas around buildings dangerous, the new GARDENA combisystem scrapers with their robust spring steel blade are in their element. Scrape hard and the risk of slipping has gone! The scrapers are available in widths of 15 and 30 centimetres. In addition to snow and ice, they can be used to remove stubborn dirt such as tar or impacted earth throughout the year (recommended retail price €9.99 to €12.99).

Of course, clearing work should be easy and not aggravate your back. The new GARDENA combisystem ergoline aluminium handle ensures that this is the case. With a length of 130 centimetres and a rounded grip at the end of the handle that prevents the hand at the back from slipping, it is ergonomically ideal for the new combisystem winter devices. However, the handle can just as easily be combined with all of the other GARDENA combisystem devices (recommended retail price €15.99).

GARDENA also guarantees that the popular combisystem devices will have a long lifetime - with a 25-year guarantee.

 All of the advantages at a glance:

  • Best possible clearing results
  • Light but stable
  • Fits all combisystem handles
  • Protects your back by allowing you to work upright