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Well equipped for snow and ice

Snow and ice, where they belong, are enjoyable winter pleasures. Not so on pavements, driveways or steps. Here the white and icy splendour is unwelcome and is cleared away as soon as it appears. This is now very easy with the new GARDENA combisystem Snow Shovels and the new GARDENA combisystem Ice Scrapers. And so that home and garden owners always have snow and ice under perfect control, there is a new GARDENA combisystem-ergoline Aluminium Handle for both winter tools.

A very light and sturdy plastic blade, ideal sliding properties and an optimum working angle for perfect clearing results characterise the new GARDENA combisystem Snow Shovels with working widths of either 40 or 50 centimetres. Both Snow Shovel sizes are available either with a highly abrasion-resistant and flexible plastic edge or with an aluminium profile edge. The plastic edge is ideal for low-noise snow clearing on all surfaces, especially on uneven ground (e.g. natural stone and paving). The aluminium profile edge is suitable for smooth surfaces (e.g. concrete and tarmac). Wide snow shovel blade edges ensure that the snow picked up does not fall off to the side and the very fine blade surface structure prevents snow sticking to the blade.

Wherever snow is trodden or driven down or sheets of ice have formed, the new GARDENA combisystem Ice Scrapers with their robust spring steel blade are in their element. A powerful jab and the danger of slipping is already eliminated. The Ice Scrapers are available with working widths of 15 and 30 centimetres and are also very suitable for removing stubborn dirt all year round even without snow and ice.

The new GARDENA combisystem-ergoline Aluminium Handle also has a variety of uses. With a length of 130 centimetres and its rounded grip on the end of the handle, which prevents the back guiding hand from slipping, it is ergonomically ideal for the new combisystem Winter Tools. However, the handle can also be used just as well with all other GARDENA combisystem tools. All new products carry a 25 year combisystem warranty.