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Watering specialists for cisterns, fountains & co.

No garden can do without water and using tap water is slowly becoming out. Garden friends today are far too environment- and cost-conscious. They gather rainwater, drill a well or use the garden pond as a water reservoir.

GARDENA is now offering new Submersible Pressure Pumps and Deep Well Pumps which ideally combine practicality and comfort: rainwater, well water or water from other sources is powerfully set into motion for the purpose of comfortable garden watering! A new GARDENA Petroldriven Motor Pump achieves this even without an electrical connection.

When it comes to pumping water from cisterns or other large collection tanks, the new GARDENA Classic Submersible Pressure Pumps 5500/3 and 6000/4 are right in their element. The extra robust and durable pump casings made of quality glass-fibre-reinforced plastic, the double motor seal system and drive shaft protected by a long-lasting, abrasion-proof and low-wear ceramic casing can easily withstand long-term submersion and years of use.

Equipped with a large and ergonomic handle, the new GARDENA Classic Submersible Pressure Pumps are easy to use. Their practical Float Switch can be easily set and in various positions for precise regulation of levels for switching on or off. A clever backflow preventer guarantees easy re-suctioning whenever required and the stainless steel filter with large filter area protects the pumps against damage from impurities.

Wherever clear water is to be pumped from great depths and within a very narrow space, we can recommend the new GARDENA Premium Deep Well Pumps 5500/5 inox and 6000/5 inox an. These extremely slender pumps with their high quality stainless steel casing fit easily through a drilled diameter of 100 millimetres.

With integrated backflow preventer for fast re-suction of water, they may be operated in hanging from a sturdy fastening rope or, in wells, in standing with an optionally additional plastic mounting plate. The plate prevents the suctioning of earth sediment.

Innovative and patented washers between the individual stages of the highly powerful pump feed impeller guarantee operational safety and a long life. Thanks to innovative motor technology, the new GARDENA Premium Deep Well Pumps also save energy.

No electricity is needed for the new GARDENA Classic Petrol-driven Motor Pump 9000/3. With its low-emission two-stroke motor, the pump fulfils EU emission regulations and is ideal for mobile application on properties without electricity access or without easy access to a power source. The light and compact unit is easy to start, requires no maintenance and ready-equipped for pumping. The individually required pump performance can be comfortably and flexibly regulated. At discontinuation of use, the backflow preventer of the new GARDENA Classic Petrol-driven Motor Pump ensures immediate resuction.