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Water like electricity from the mains

In an apartment, it is a given: where electricity is used, there are installed wires and cables, mains sockets and switches. Required energy can be easily and comfortably accessed.

The GARDENA Pipeline and Sprinklersystem ensure that garden water supply for the care of plants and lawns is just as convenient. A new Water Connector and Water Plug for the garden Pipeline render the tapping of water as easy as electricity from the mains, even easier than before. A new Connecting Point and Regulator and Shut-off Valve make water distribution with the Sprinklersystem even more attractive.

Installed below ground is the new GARDENA Water Connector, the Connecting Point and the Regulator and Shut-off Valve, each easily connectible to the Connecting Pipes in the ground for the Garden-Pipeline or Sprinklersystem thanks to especially practical Quick & Easy connection technology.

All connectors have an innovative and secure pop-up cover. This makes it possible to operate a lawnmower over the Connector cover with it being suctioned up and damaged. A wide, circumferential rim around each Connector prevents the growing of
grass in the cover. For cleaning, an easily removable filter avoids impurification of the connector shaft, for example, with leaves.

As a permanently installed water access point of the Garden-Pipeline, the new GARDENA Water Connector only releases the waterflow when the garden hose has been attached - and this especially easily using new and innovative valve technology requiring little to no effort. With the new GARDENA Regulator and Shut-off Valve, you can also easily regulate individual sprinklers or Spinklersystems without stages and by hand, or you may completely switch them off. As an alternative to the below-ground Water Connector, the new GARDENA Water Plug can be recommended as an above ground water access point. The angled and rotating connector can be firmly mounted on the wall or, for a flexible application, anchored with a spike
into the ground.

Garden friends who would like to begin their comfortable water access like electricity from the mains with two access points and later expand, receive a new Connecting Point and two new Water Connectors with assembly equipment in the GARDENA Starter Set for Garden Pipeline.