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The garden tool system with the unique XXL advantages

Garden friends have long made their choice: they rely on the GARDENA combisystem. No other tool system is purchased more often. And there are good reasons for this. From soil- and lawn care, to work in the heights or for clearing snow in the winter - there is the right handle-/tool combination for every situation.

Each combisystem tool can be quickly joined with any combisystem handle for a sturdy, wobble-free connection. For this, GARDENA offers a 25-year warranty.

The comprehensive combisystem tool range is now receiving some additions, thereby rendering it even more attractive for garden lovers. An example is the new GARDENA combisystem Plastic Fan Rake XXL vario for widespread, time-saving raking of leaves, grass clippings and aerated material. But that is not all. Super practical is also that the new combisystem Fan Rake in XXL size can be comfortably separated in the middle. The folding halves can thoroughly pick up the gathered material like two huge arms, for easy lifting and transporting. After finished work, this innovative rake, which has been patented, can be folded away for space-saving storage.

Smart, new GARDENA combisystem solutions also render cleaning in and around the house much easier. The Terrace Broom with V-shaped bristles made of special steel removes moss in paving joints and on walls. Its additional scraping edge helps to remove particularly stubborn dirt. For cleaning more sensitive tiles, the Terrace Broom is also available with polypropylene bristles. Also new: the Scrubbing Brush and the House and Road Broom with a large width and high quality equipment. With the House Broom, the corners are rounded to protect furniture. The Road Broom has a scraping edge for trodden-in dirt or wet leaves.

There are also new products for soil care: the GARDENA combisystem Garden Hoe for hoeing, aerating, ridging and more; it has an extra large and additionally tined blade for easy penetration into the ground. It has three stable tines for sparing work between plants.