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The big help with snow and ice

Snow and ice are just two of the joys of winter, but only where they belong. Over large areas, such as garage entrances and paths, but also on steps, snow is unwelcome and can also be very dangerous. House and land owners are therefore bound by law to fulfil their obligation to keep paths and entrances free from snow and ice. Especially with large areas, this can be a strenuous challenge, but with the new GARDENA Snow Scoop you can quickly and easily clear large quantities of the white splendour out of the way.

The Snow Scoop with its convenient 70 centimetre working width has a galva-nised steel edge and is therefore particularly durable. The ribbed tread area is reinforced with an additional aluminium tube. The scoop can therefore penetrate even large quantities of slow powerfully and easily. The plastic cover of the handle is pleasantly cold-insulating and at the same time easy to grip. The shaft itself can be adjusted telescopically to three positions over approx. 30 centime-tres depending on the height of the user. Tipping the snow is also child's play with the new GARDENA Snow Scoop thanks to additional handles. The space-saving storage is particularly clever: The frame can simply be inserted under the scoop.
The new GARDENA Small Caster is a practical helper for spreading winter ma-terials such as sand, salt or grit over small areas. The container can be easily opened and closed with a bayonet catch. Depending on the spreading material, the dispensing system can be adjusted from coarse to fine. The easy-to-use, large adjustment knob can be easily turned even with thick gloves. Thanks to recessed grips on both sides, the Small Caster is non-slip and securely held in your hand.