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Tailor-made, always a good, secure grip

Gardening fans with experience wear gloves. For them, gloves are a completely normal, natural item of clothing. They keep hands clean and protect against possible injury. With gloves, a lot of gardening work can also be handled better than without. But experience has also taught passionate gardeners: gloves must be of high quality and tailor-made for different requirements. GARDENA now ensures this with an exclusive range. It impresses with selected materials, solid workman-ship and optimum comfort.

The new GARDENA Gardening Gloves made of breathable, hard-wearing cot-ton fabric with a non-slip inner surface are ideal for planting, repotting, pricking out and similar activities in the garden where a sensitive touch is required. The fingertip and thumb areas are carefully designed for an optimum fit and durabil-ity. This also applies to the new GARDENA plant and soil gloves made of elastic knitted fabric with a water-repellent, non-slip coating of the inner areas – ideal for rough garden and soil work where protection against moisture and cold is also required.
The new GARDENA Water Gloves with their robust, non-slip, natural latex coat-ing are absolutely water-tight and thus especially suited to working in the wet. A pleasant cotton inner lining ensures comfort and keeps hands warm even in cold water. This is especially advantageous for example when cleaning in late autumn.
The new GARDENA Tool Gloves are perfectly tailor-made for a powerful grip when working in the garden with mechanical and motorised equipment. Special shock-absorbing pads are inserted in the area of the ball of the hand. The fin-gertip and thumb areas have extra strong reinforcement. The non-slip fingertips ensure a tight grip on the tool. In addition, strong, adjustable cuffs offer optimum protection for the wrists. An integrated sweatband is also very practical for strenuous use of the equipment.
For handling thorny or spiky plants, the new GARDENA shrub care gloves have selected strong, protective materials on the insides and on the backs of the fingers as well as extra-long sleeves to protect wrists and underarms. With all this strength, the necessary sensitivity when cutting is preserved on the new shrub care gloves.