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Spiral garden hose hidden in the ground is clever

There are some innovations that garden lovers want to grab and use right away. The new GARDENA Spiral Hose Box will definitely be one of those. It expands or supplements the popular GARDENA Garden Pipeline for water like electricity from the mains.

The GARDENA Spiral Hose Box has literally got it all: 10 metre spiral hose and a GARDENA Classic Adjustable Spray Nozzle. The clever thing about it: the complete box and its contents completely disappear into the ground. Only the slide-down impact-resistant cover can be seen.

It is uniquely practical to be able to easily integrate a new GARDENA Spiral Hose Box anywhere in the garden and not only have water like electricity from the mains, but also have the hose handy and ready to use. After successful water retrieval, the spiral hose and nozzle just disappear again under the ground.

Naturally it is also possible to clip a sprayer or a spray lance onto the spiral hose instead of a spray nozzle. For an easy switch of devices with an open tap there is an automatic Water Stop. After this, and in a more or less stand-by position, the spiral hose with Classic Adjustable Spray Nozzle can be connected again and the cover closed until the next use.

The new GARDENA Spiral Hose Box is the ideal addition or expansion for the Garden Pipeline with the GARDENA Water Connector for the equally underground installation and the swivable and rotatable GARDENA Water Plug as an above-ground water retrieval spot.