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New garden pumps with real added value and extra safety

For watering with collected rainwater, for retrieving well water or for transferring or draining - a pump is always needed. The question of which pump is suitable depends on the individual requirements. But one thing never changes: the pump must be of high quality, easy to operate, powerful and safe.

Ideal for beginners are the new GARDENA Classic Garden Pumps 3000/4 and 3500/4. They offer everything that make for a quality pump and that at a high level of performance, easy-handling and safety: comfortable carrying handle, large filling opening, low-noise and stable rubber feet, thermal overload protection and water drain plug in the case of frost danger - and with the more powerful model additional connections for two dispensing devices.

For those who need to move water often and in great quantities, the new GARDENA Comfort Garden Pumps 4000/5 and 5000/5 offer a new level of performance and equipment. They also have an integrated fine-mesh filter and a second swivelling appliance connection. The Comfort model 5000/5 is also equipped with an innovative "safe-pump"-function with an LED display.

The intelligent “safe-pump”-function lights up green during the start of pumping with a simultaneously open dispensing device. It switches to orange if no dispensing device is open. If it remains closed for a long time, the pump switches to red and switches off automatically. In this way the pump effectively ensures more safety because water which circulates unsupervised in the pump for a long time can heat up so much that in the worst case the user can be scalded. This danger is effectively prevented by the "safe-pump"-function. In addition, the pump is protected against damage due to running dry.

The new GARDENA Premium Garden Pump 6000/6 inox is also equipped with this “safe-pump”- function. This pump is also more powerful and especially low-noise. The pump casing is made of indestructible inox stainless steel.