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Multi-channel irrigation control made easy

More and more garden owners are hoping to never have to water again. The installation of automatic irrigation systems has increased considerably in the past years. On larger property areas, systems with separate irrigation systems are preferred.

Multi-channel irrigation systems render independent from possibly limited capacities of the water connection. At the same time, they make it possible to cater to varying requirements of different plants in a garden for optimal care.

Watering can be easily and reliably automated while saving water with the new GARDENA Classic Irrigation Control System 4030 for up to four independent watering channels and the GARDENA Classic Irrigation Control System 6030 for up to six independent watering channels. Both controls are placed where they are protected from rain and effortlessly connected with practical connection cables.

The manual is easy to read and clear. Each watering channel can be individually controlled and up to three watering programmes can be entered. In addition, there is a master channel for operating a pump for alternative water sources, e.g. from a cistern or a well.

High flexibility allows the central adjustment of the watering duration from 10 to 200 percent. Gardeners can stay relaxed and react to seasonally fluctuating watering requirements. If desired, watering can also be manually activated. During rainy weather, a simple press of a button allows you to stop or postpone watering for days. With optional connection of a Soil Moisture Sensor or a Rain Sensor, this occurs automatically. Unauthorised changes to the set programmes is prevented by a corresponding security feature.