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It‘s all about comfort!

Be they boxtree, privet, barberry or hornbeam - hedges are popular design elements and naturally decorative enclosures of property. At least once a year, they need to be accurately trimmed in order to remain in the desired form. Whoever has once tried it, knows how important a truly good hedge trimmer is - regardless of the length, height or width of the hedge.

The new GARDENA Electric- and Accu Hedge Trimmers in the models EasyCut-, ErgoCut- and HighCut can accommodate any requirement. These models guarantee best handling comfort, first-class results and safe application.

The top models are the GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer HighCut 48, and, with cordless freedom of movement, the GARDENA Accu Hedge Trimmer HighCut 48 Li with the powerful GARDENA Replacement Battery 18 V/1.6 Ah as a durable and easily rechargeable energy source.

These two Hedge Trimmers have a blade length of 48 centimetres, optimal ergonomic balance and telescopic shafts which may be adjusted to requirement. They easily achieve a reach of approx. 3 metres. As the Hedge Trimmer cutting head can also be comfortably angled, even extremely high hedges can be safely trimmed top to bottom without a ladder and from a standing position. This equally applies vice-versa for low hedges, which can be trimmed from a comfortable, non-crouching standing position.

Keyword, comfortable body posture - the most frequent use of a hedge trimmer is sideways cutting. So that neither the body must be turned nor adjustments made in this application situation, the new GARDENA Electric and Accu Hedge Trimmers ErgoCut and HighCut have an exclusively innovative right-angled rotating blade set. This guarantees that the user is always in an ideal position next to the hedge. As the Hedge Trimmers are perfectly balanced in weight, they always lie comfortably and securely in the hand.

The cutting results are just as first-class as the comfortable and applicationsafe handling. New blade geometry and high quality laser-cut blades with ample blade openings secure the cutting material, thereby guaranteeing an especially efficient, quick and clean cut.