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GARDENA turbotrimmer

You've seen it all before: You have mown the lawn but your mower just couldn't reach the edges, paths and bed borders. With the GARDENA turbotrimmer, you can easily cut grass in places that are otherwise hard to reach. The grass is cut quickly and precisely using high-tech plastic blades or a rotating nylon thread depending on the model.

You no longer have to search for ages when looking for a trimmer to buy: Simply assign your garden to a garden type and choose the right GARDENA turbotrimmer.

Smaller gardens

The GARDENA SmallCut 300 turbotrimmer is ideally suited for use as light, handy trimmer for smaller clearing work in gardens.

It goes without saying that GARDENA also offers a battery-powered model for this size of garden - the AccuCut 400 Li turbotrimmer.

Family-sized gardens

The GARDENA EasyCut 400 and ComfortCut 450 turbotrimmers are ideally suited to cutting longer lawn edges and difficult-to-reach areas and are flexible all-round trimmers.

The battery-powered AccuCut 450 Li turbotrimmer is also available for family gardens.

Large gardens

The GARDENA PowerCut 500 turbotrimmer is a powerful, handy trimmer for particularly long and overhanging lawn edges, areas with difficult access and small lawns.

The handle angle adjustment function allows you to work easily even in places that are otherwise hard to access.

Wild gardens

The GARDENA ProCut 800 and 1000 turbotrimmers are extremely powerful trimmers for large areas with sturdy grasses, weeds and wild growth. Balanced weight distribution ensures comfortable and safe guidance.

The two ProCut models can be carried easily using the shoulder belt supplied.