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GARDENA lawnmowers

GARDENA is an innovative expert in lawn care and will bring new product solutions onto the market again this year. GARDENA lawnmowers are characterised in particular by their technology, simple operation and great mobility. So your lawn looks cared for all year round!

You can find an overview of all GARDENA lawnmowers here.

Electric mowers

Convenient electric mowers with a high-performance motor for powerful transmission and great draw-through

Rechargeable mowers

Powerful mowing using high performance lithium-ion batteries - particularly convenient with no cables and no need for petrol

Steerable mowers

Flexible lawnmowers with a unique steering system for comfortable, effortless mowing: Winners of multiple prizes!

Petrol mowers

Particularly powerful high-quality motors from Briggs & Stratton enable the comfortable mowing of larger lawns